Alina Preciado, is a New York based art director and designer who has been working in the event, exhibit, furniture, interiors and experiential industry for the past 15 years. She has played a lead role in directing high-level creative teams and conceptualizing award-winning projects internationally. Alina’s versatile skills and education as an accomplished creative and artist, has given her the ability to create memorable and engaging experiences for both large scale and up close and personal projects. As a designer, her vast capacity for innovative project development falls into a rare category of taking unusual and sometimes challenging projects and turning them into works people can connect with and be inspired by. Her work can be best described as intuitive and multi-layered, through a foundation in design and fine art, which is always reflective in her work. Alina’s work has been featured in numerous publications and has been exhibited internationally.

reddish studios

inform. inspire. create.

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